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The Challenge

Mary Kay’s annual conference takes corporate events to the next level. The production rivals many Broadway performances in scope and the demand for special effects is just as high. The conference includes 3 days of performances that are repeated 5 times for different waves of attendees.

Project Details
  • 4


  • 24

    Flame Units

  • 12

    Pyro Positions

  • 3

    Low Fog Machines

  • 10

    Cryo Jets

  • 15


The Solution

Pyrotechnics were placed around the stage, in addition to herbs that were placed onto a heart-shaped truss that a performer rode through the air. Cryo jets danced to the beat of “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars and flame units chased across the 200′ stage to “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy. Pink and Silver metallic confetti was blown remotely from 10 positions around the stage providing great coverage for all attendees during the awards show.