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Close Proximity Pyrotechnics


Outdoor Pyrotechnics can be used for all events, most commonly sports and concerts.

They are performed closer to the audience than high or medium level aerial displays and produce little to no fallout or burning debris. They’re perfect for rooftops and other areas where there’s not enough room for traditional fireworks shows.


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Set Pieces are the perfect opportunity to see your name, logo or brand in “lights.” Lances (small pyrotechnic devices) are mounted on a wood-framed lattice, custom-built to your specifications and design.

Custom-Manufactured Effects

All close-proximity pyrotechnics are custom-manufactured specifically to be used closer to the audience than traditional fireworks.

These effects are made to produce a wide range of striking colors and effects. We work closely with the facilities that we fire from to ensure safe and unforgettable displays.

The Best Choreography

Often, these effects are highly-choreographed to accent a special occasion or moment at an event.

Common effects include lining a driveway with silver fountains as your wedding limo drives away or having pyrotechnics streak into the air when a team scores a goal.

A close-proximity display can consist of a full choreographed show, or just a few accent effects for your holiday tree lighting, corporate presentation, or grand opening ceremony.
Close Proximity Level Displays
  • $3500+

    Per Minute

  • 1+