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Cryo Jets


Cryo Jets are a great attention-getter or accent to a performance.

As compressed Co2 releases from the jet, it changes from liquid to gas, producing a smoke-like effect. The effect dissipates immediately, leaving no haze in the room. They are safe and a less-expensive alternative to indoor pyrotechnics.

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With the ability to use them indoors or out, they are one of our most versatile options.

Music Concerts

Among the most popular applications, Cryo Jets are perfect for accenting musical highs.

With the ability to trigger via DMX, lighting designers can determine timestamps during programming and fire these effects on cue utilizing a DMX relay or switch pack. Integrate with a computer-triggering system for ultimate precision.

Award Presentations

Often chosen as a “pyrotechnics substitute”, our Cryo Jets are loud and provide an lively and dramatic effect.

The most stunning visual comes when units are spaced along the back of the stage creating a seamless “wall of smoke.” By utilizing special effect lighting, you can have any color you desire.

Performer Reveals

As the curtain opens, a wall of billowing, mysterious, “smoke” hides the performer until the very last second, creating suspense and excitement.

Multiple Cryo Jets should be spaced 2 to 3 feet apart for a “seamless” look. This same concept also works well for product reveals.

Custom Installations

The possibilities are endless!

A bull mascot blowing smoke during a corporate sales meeting, a volcano “erupting” with Co2 “smoke,” a scaled fighter jet on stage with engines at “full blast.” Whatever design you have in mind, our Cryo Jets can make your props and displays come to life!