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High Level Fireworks


High Level Fireworks are the most traditional type of display.

Often used for large public holiday celebrations and shows that need to be seen from great distances, high-level fireworks are physically the largest, have the biggest bursts, and go higher than any other type. These fireworks can be choreographed to the music of your choice.

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Great options for events of all sizes as long as there is available space to fire. This is a fantastic option to really dazzle your audience and end your event with a bang.

Unlimited Possibilities

Combine high-level fireworks with our close-proximity pyrotechnics for a multi-position, entertainment spectacular. High-level fireworks offer the most diverse mix of effects such as scrambling comets, falling leaves, color changing peonies, and much more.

Additional fees may apply for State and local permits and fire department fees.
Typical High Level Displays
  • $1300+

    Per Minute

  • 5 - 20

    Minutes Long