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Ultimate Confetti is the confetti and streamer division of Illumination Fireworks. With a passion for creating Ultimate entertainment, our confetti division will work with your team to ensure perfect implementation of confetti and streamers special effects. Our equipment and products are enjoyed by customers worldwide. Need to purchase bulk confetti? Simply go online and place your order!


Tissue Confetti

Tissue confetti is an economical option and standard in the entertainment industry. This effect is constructed from 2″ x .75″ pieces of thin tissue paper, and is available in many colors. Since tissue confetti is very lightweight, it floats high is slow falling to the ground. Our confetti is also fire resistant.

Metallic Confetti

Metallic Confetti is perfect during the day or under bright lights for a special reflective look. The shiny material looks very classy and elegant as it reflects light and glimmers as it floats in the air. Like tissue confetti, metallic confetti is available in many colors and is fire resistant.


Streamers are available in metallic or tissue styles with several color variations. Streamers are a popular choice among many venues because they are quick and easy to clean up, making little mess. Mix streamers with our confetti for a multi-layered effect. Need distance? Streamers typically shoot further than confetti- particularly important when you want the effects to reach into the audience or crowd.

Confetti Blowers 

Confetti Blowers are perfect for large and small events wanting an extended confetti “show.” You can shoot up to one pound of confetti per second high into the air, often using bulk amounts that will continuously blow until you stop loading the machine. Confetti blowers are often used to fill larger venues such as stadiums, arenas, or large ballrooms during extravagant events. Our stunning confetti blowers are available for rent or purchase.

Confetti Cannons

Confetti cannons shoot a single blast of confetti or streamers. One shot will fill the air with your choice of confetti or streamers as they floats above your audience. These cannons are best used to accent a performance, highlight the end of a speech, or emphasize a peak during the performance at a concert. Our confetti cannons are easy to operate and can be reloaded for multiple performances. They are available for rent or purchase.

Custom Installations

Want to incorporate confetti or streamers into a prop or parade float? Does your nightclub or venue want to put on a unique, nightly confetti show? Want a safe and affordable way to celebrate touchdowns at your school? We can help! All of our cannons and launchers are built in-house using only high-quality components and materials. Our confetti division, Ultimate Confetti, can take your ideas and concepts and turn them into reality with affordable, professional equipment and products.