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FC Dallas fans demand excitement and top-notch game presentation. Seating over 20,000 fans, this MLS stadium requires 360 degree effects to provide adequate coverage.


The addition of rooftop pyrotechnics and post game aerial fireworks displays were added to enhance the fan experience. On July 4th, a pyromusical is produced synchronizing larger aerial fireworks fired from outside the stadium to the rooftop pyrotechnics inside the stadium. Outdoor close-proximity effects for National Anthem, goals, and a celebratory win, were also added to each game. Illumination carefully-selected proximity pyrotechnics that would leave no burning debris and safeguard the membrane rooftops found throughout the stadium.

Close Proximity Pyrotechnics/High Level Fireworks

“I believe that Illumination Fireworks is fully capable of providing any level of show to your complete satisfaction – not only in terms of value for your money, but in customer service as well.”

Michael Cruz
Manager of Event Presentation

FC Dallas