Medium level fireworks look similar to high level fireworks, but are physically smaller and don’t go as high. These displays are perfect for events with up to a few thousand people. Since they are normally fired closer to the audience than high-level fireworks, they visually fill up the sky just the same. They are great to burst in the background during your wedding kiss, light up the sky after your community festival, or shimmer in the air for any other type of event. Medium-level fireworks are the most affordable option for professional fireworks and can give you the most bang-for-your buck for smaller events.


Variety is the Spice of Life

Medium-level fireworks feature a wide variety of brilliant colors and beautiful effects, including flying fish, glitter breaks, golden willows, and many more dazzling visuals. Just like high level fireworks, medium level fireworks can be choreographed to your choice of music. They can also be fired from almost any location including, golf courses, open fields, parking garages, or even a barge on the lake.

Planning Location

Medium-level fireworks are a desirable option in urban areas due to the shorter audience distances required. Ideally, the venue should not have any tall obstructions like buildings or large trees. Additional fees may apply for local permits and fire department standby fees.